5 tips to get your ride car show ready

July 27, 2017

What are three things you can count on seeing at a car show? Passion, comradery, and eye-catching rides.

Car folks put a lot of time and effort into their vehicles, especially when they’re getting ready for a car show. Whether you’re caring for a vintage beauty, a lifted truck or a finely tuned sports car, you want your vehicle to stay in top form.


Here’s what you can do to get your car ‘show perfect’:

The top 5 car show preparation tips

1. Clean grime: The first and most important step in car care is getting your vehicle clean. But water and soap sometimes aren’t enough to remove bugs, grease and tar. Try the Meguiar’s® Multi-Purpose Cleaner to do the trick.

2. Make your wheels sparkle: Meguiar’s® Hot Shine™ Reflexion delivers that deep, black, wet look you love – but when the light hits your tires you get that sparkling shine.

3. Restore your interior: Make your vinyl, rubber and plastic look like new. Meguiar’s® Natural Shine Protectant provides superior UV blocking for durable protection.

4. Shield your finish: You have to protect your paint. Meguiar’s® Ultimate™ Liquid Wax gives your custom beauty extended protection with improved reflectivity that doesn’t leave a white residue on the trim and plastic of your vehicle.

5. Get fresh: Hanging an air freshener from your mirror just masks smells – it doesn’t get rid of them. Use Meguiar’s® Whole Car Air Refresher to help you permanently eliminate tough odours, and create a fresh, clean smell.

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For more tips and tricks to get your ride car show ready, check out the Meguiar’s® how to page.

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