The perfect holiday gift idea for the car enthusiast in your life

December 6, 2017


Joel Prior - professional detailer

Joel Prior
Owner, Showcar Detailing Canada

Joel Prior is a trained professional who has mastered the art of car detailing. Joel works closely with car collectors, dealerships, body shops and automotive companies across Canada and is the official detailer for Meguiar's Canada. Joel began working with Meguiar's® in 2007 and established his own car detailing business, Showcar Detailing, in 2008. Showcar Detailing is a mobile detailing business that specializes in professional detailing, from the reliable family vehicle to collectible and exotic cars, using only the finest Meguiar's® brand products.

The perfect holiday gift idea for the car enthusiast in your life

Cross off the car person from your holiday shopping list with a car cleaning gift set. Canadian car detailing expert, Joel Prior has advice for you.

The holidays can be stressful, from decorating to cooking and cleaning to hosting. To top it all off, you have the added pressure of buying the “perfect gift” for everyone on your list. Buying for the car enthusiast in your life can be tricky. As much as you would like to give them a new ride, that doesn’t typically fit the holiday budget. But, what if you could give them the gift of helping their car look new again?

That’s what I like about car cleaning and detailing kits. They’re the best of both worlds for the car enthusiast – they give them an excuse to spend time on their car and, when they’re done, their ride looks as good as new.

How to choose the right car cleaning gift set.

When you’re on the hunt for cleaning and detailing kits you should be looking for a complete car cleaning gift set that includes all the products necessary to clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

There are different kinds of car people, which can make choosing a car cleaning gift set a little tricky. To help simplify your options, it’s best to consider if they are a beginner detailer or an experienced detailer.

The beginner detailer is someone who enjoys taking care of their vehicle and focuses more on interior detailing and cleaning.

The experienced detailer, on the other hand, is the car enthusiast in your life who takes their car detailing to the next level by completely overhauling their vehicle, inside and out.

Holiday gift idea for the beginner detailer.

Car cleaning kit

The Meguiar's® Quick Clean Car Care Kit is designed for everyone, from the busy family person, to the night cruiser, to the car show enthusiast. It includes everything they need to get a car looking new, fast – making it the perfect gift for the person on the go:

Holiday gift idea for the experienced detailer.

The Meguiar’s® Gold Class™ Complete Car Care Kit is the total package when it comes to car cleaning and detailing kits. It includes everything someone would need to do a complete detail on their vehicle from getting their tires to shine to giving their interior a cleaning:

Where can you go to check the car person off your holiday shopping list?

Visit Meguiar’s® Where to Buy page for a location nearest you. 

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