Preparing your vehicle for winter

November 15, 2017

Simon Dion-Viens

Simon Dion-Viens first set foot in the world of journalism and sportcars over 20 years ago.
Following his feature in several well-known media as Editor, Simon is now part of the animation team on the TVA series, automobile Propulision, which airs every Saturday. After great success in the canadian automobile race, Dions-Viens continues to compete in the popular Nascar Pinty's series.

Preparing your vehicle for winter

As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, we should start thinking about preparing our cars to face the harsh Canadian winter.  
Winter can be very hard on our car exteriors. The cocktail of abrasive materials (salt, calcium, grit, etc.) used on roads can be very damaging to the body of your car. 
Corrosion can often attack your vehicle’s paint in winter. The hood, bumpers and front fenders are the parts most exposed to the rigours of the road and most likely to undergo damage. 
To put the odds on your side and minimize winter’s harmful effects, it’s strongly recommended that you prepare your vehicle’s body. You can even do this yourself with the excellent line of products from the Meguiar’s company. 

A good waxing provides invisible protection

On top of giving your paint more sparkle, applying Meguiar’s wax will also protect your paint job against corrosion and prevent salt and calcium from penetrating. 
Before waxing, give your car an exterior cleaning and decontaminate the paint finish to remove the tiny spots of rust that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Paint decontamination is a critical step and must be done using best practices. 
The Meguiar's® Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit is one of the best products on the market for this job. 
Once the auto body is well prepared, you can apply a good coat of wax. On top of making your car shine like a brand-new penny, the wax will act as invisible protection for the paint on your vehicle.

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A quick tip: Wash your car often

After applying a coat of wax, washing your car regularly is an excellent way to keep it in good condition over the winter. Here again, Meguiar's® Ultimate™ Wash & Wax cleaner can certainly be helpful. Be careful, however: you should very carefully dry the car after every wash to prevent issues caused by frost. The rubber components on doors are most likely to cause problems. If water gets in between the rubber and doorframe, the door can jam due to the cold. So, you should dry these very thoroughly. A good tool for that is Meguiar’s® Water Magnet™ Microfiber Drying Towel

In any event, I hope you have a great winter. Remember that, over the long term, it pays to take time to prepare your vehicle before winter arrives. 


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